155 Items, $50, and Five College Students: Scavenger Hunt of the Year

A Florida driver’s license, the original Duck Hunt game with gun, a My Little Pony with blue hair. These are three of the one hundred and fifty-five items my four friends and I set out to find over the course of this week while participating in Champlain College’s scavenger hunt. Patrick, Liz, Ian, Brooke and I demonstrated our not inconsiderable skill in such areas as wheedling, cajoling, and trash-talking with competing teams, all things necessary to be successful scavengers. We searched all over Burlington, used every contact we had at our disposal, and pulled out all the stops with the $200 first place prize shining in our eyes. On the night of the tally we piled all of our pictures, childhood toys, a hula hoop, Carlton the plant, a sombrero, and various other goodies into boxes and bags and trooped them all over to the meeting point. For an hour and a half the facilitators called out items and checked off lists for the six teams competing while we sorted piles and ate Doritos in anxiety and excitement. The tallying complete, the facilitators gathered together to compare notes before the big reveal. A hush of anticipation fell over the room as the woman organizing the event, Morgan, came to the front of the room. First place – not us. Second place – not us. Third place -US!! $50 was ours for the taking, along with the memories of some good times together.

Here are some pictures from our escapades!

The teams assemble to tally their finds and await the results.

One team member had to come to the final meeting dressed at a Ninja Turtle. Hooray Patrick!

Some of the items we found: A Coach handbag, boots with fur, animal crackers, and a singing card.

A picture of all of us in a bathtub? Check.

Playing leap frog with the statue on Church St.

A picture by a mural off of Church St.


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