Valentine’s Day

Now, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day of disappointment. A special time of the year where women’s expectations are too high and men’s greatest efforts are too little. More so than usual, I mean. If you’re single, it is an especially soul-crushing day, when everyone in the world it seems is paired up apart from you, and you are sure it will remain this way for all time. This is how Valentine’s Day has been for me in the past. But then, this year, something amazing happened. Something I never thought was possible. I got a boyfriend. And he is wonderful.

Over the course of my dating career I have learned a few things about Valentine’s Day that can make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. Today, I would like to share some of those observations with all of you.

1. No Pressure: One of the biggest issues with Valentine’s Day, I am convinced, is the amount of pressure that is placed on it. The need for it to be “perfect”, and the idea that anything less than that is a failure. This is just silly! Don’t put so much pressure on the day, and it will automatically be better.

2. No Money: There is another idea surrounding this day that oodles of money need to be spent in order for it to be a success. False statement. It has often been my experience that the less money is spent, the better. My best friend and her boyfriend had a shared Taco Bell dinner that was full of romance and laughs. The best thing you can do is just spend time together – go for a walk, watch a movie, make dinner together. Soak each other in. You won’t regret it.

3. Talk: V-Day doesn’t have to be some big surprise that the guy cooks up for the girl to be wonderful. Talking about plans beforehand and brainstorming fun ideas together can be a great way to enhance the anticipation and make it a shared activity.

4. For Singles: Last year I was single on Valentine’s Day and had a blast on a group date with all of my other single friends. We went out to dinner together, and spent the night with each other having fun. There is no need to be sad on this day as a single person! Being single can be lots of fun, and that should be celebrated.

This year my Valentine’s Day was spent at my boyfriend’s apartment, watching movies with his roommate and her boyfriend and relaxing. In the evening he cooked me an amazing meal of king crab legs, corn on the cob, peas, and garlic bread, and the whole day neither of us even thought about the heaps of homework awaiting us the next day. Success indeed! 🙂


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