Easter in the Northeast Kingdom

For those readers who may not know, the Northeast Kingdom is a special place in the world where the men are men, the women are men, and fear/awe fills the heart of anyone who looks upon either. My friend Ian has the privilege of living in this blessed land of Northern Vermont, and this Easter weekend my four best friends and I made the trek up to his house for paintball, jeeping, and general bad-assery. Our friend Jared, who is the epitome of a Northeast Kingdom rugged wilderness man, was our first stop of the day (For instance, a man in camo came walking out of the woods with a mask and a paintball gun. Ian said “I think that’s Jared.” We asked how he knew, he said “I just felt afraid.”).We were taken to a paintball spot of epic proportions – two wooden towers, each two stories high with a bridge connecting them and small holes from which to shoot paintballs at enemies. From there we drove around all afternoon to spots of note in the area. Jumping rocks on Lake Willoughby, natural water slides, a small beach, waterfalls, up a mountain. The day was bliss – 80 degrees and sunny, driving around with great friends, blowing donuts and having a good time. We returned to Ian’s for some grilled hamburgers, a bonfire and s’mores. And now I must retire to my pop-up camper. Happy Easter, and good night!


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