Surprise Surprise!

Just when I was thinking that all hope was lost for Knit for Those in Need, it was saved at the last minute by two wonderful guys, Dan and Sean. Both are seniors, and were counting on this group to fulfill the forty hour community service requirement they need to graduate. They told me that they would do all the knitting themselves if necessary, but they had to do it. So I met with them, gave Dan a quick refreshing, and Sean a speedy lesson, and the two were off. As I was walking back to my dorm with all the yarn, my friend Devan saw me walking and asked what I was doing. Since she knows how to knit, she asked if she could do a square as well, and I handed over the supplies. Along with my amazing roommate Liz, that made five people working on squares, which I thought was perfectly respectable. Then two of my groupmates from Project Management and Team Leadership class caught wind of it, and, being the amazing people that they are, spent an entire class period knitting squares and have been working on them since. Finally, I got a phone call from a mystery number while in the library yesterday, and heard a man’s voice say, “Is this Hannah? I’m friends with Dan and Sean and they told me about the charity knitting you’re doing. I know how to crochet – is there any way I can get in on this?” And bang, we have a group rockin’ and rollin’. I can’t believe how it’s come together in a way I never expected it to, and all at once. As soon as I let it go all the pieces fell into place without me even trying, and it became the joyful, happy experience I had hoped it would be. I guess what’s meant to be will find a way (roll your eyes if you want Alex :P).

Happy knitting!


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