Knitting, Math, And The (Relatively) Short Road Left To Finishing My Shawl

I have been ‘almost done’ with this freaking shawl for what feels like forever, but has actually been approximately two weeks. I have been working an average of four hours per day to complete it, but sometimes six or more, and the seemingly never-shrinking number of stitches still remaining on the needles is slowly but surely turning me into a crazy person. The main part of the shawl was finished two and a half weeks ago, and then ‘all I had to do’ was ‘whip up the border’ and I’d be good to go – simple and easy! Simple, yes. Easy, yes. Time-consuming, HELL yes! I always work better when I know concretely what is left to accomplish and I can count down to achieving my goal, so below is a mathematical representation of the work left before this thing is FINALLY off the needles and ready to be washed, blocked, tail tucked and finished!

Stitches remaining on the needles: 274

Border rows needed to work one of the above stitches: 2

Total number of rows left to complete: 548

Number of rows in one border pattern repeat: 30

Number of pattern repeats remaining: 18

Number of minutes it takes to complete one pattern repeat: 30 (approximate)

Number of minutes remaining until shawl is off the needles: 540

Number of hours remaining: 9

Whew. That’s not as bad as I thought. I can probably get it done by the weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes, and post pictures as soon as possible.


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One response to “Knitting, Math, And The (Relatively) Short Road Left To Finishing My Shawl

  1. Wendy Long

    Cannot wait to see the photos of the finished product!

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