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Life’s Big Questions

Questions to ponder at 1:15am on a work night:

Why am I unable to write anything decent before 10pm on weekdays? Also after 10pm and on weekends? Why does Brandon not being here make me so much more freaked out about our apartment? How am I going to get through the next three months without sleeping? Why don’t I knit everything on size 10 needles and have every project come together as quickly as this hobby horse is? I should do more latch hooking. (not a question, but true.) Why do I have to be up in less than five hours? Why is money a thing? How can Paul Ryan be so attractive, yet so scary? Does anyone in the Burlington, Vermont area want to watch my two ferrets for the next three weeks? Why doesn’t November directly follow August? What should I get my Masters degree in? Can I get a part-time job that pays $15-$20/hour? How can I find a career I love? What is it about chocolate and peanut butter that is so frakking good? How can the U.S. land a rover on Mars in just a few years, but they can’t get high speed trains back home? How do I fall asleep right now when I’m so wired? Why can’t I think of better questions? How does Neil Degrasse Tyson know so many things?


If anyone knows any of the answers to these questions, please let me know in comments!


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August 13, 2012 · 5:28 am