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A Blogger Convert

So I have had a blog on Blogger for about two years now with the same title. I love Blogger, but it does make me feel like that last person out there clinging to Safari while all the Chrome users gaze sadly down their superior noses at me. ¬†Which is not to say that I use Safari, because I most certainly don’t. However, apart from the fact that Blogger is kind of old and clunky, and sort of heavy-feeling to use, I have also been getting an annoying weird virus-pop-up thingy every time I try to navigate around (I’m very tech-savvy with the hip know-how lingo). So, I feel as though the time has come to make the switch and see what WordPress has to offer me. I am hoping to get my blog content from Blogger transferred over to here somehow, so if anyone has any knowledge on how to do that while successfully avoiding virus-pop-up thingies, please feel free to leave me a message in comments.

On this blog, I will be navigating the trials of being a recent college graduate, participating in random (and not so random) acts of crafting, and attempting to write my first novel, a young adult science fiction masterpiece with the working title Exodus. Join me on my journey if you are so inclined, I promise it won’t be boring.*

Some things to look forward to:

  • A rousing game of “Where Will Hannah Be Living In Six Months!”
  • The completion of a magical lace shawl that was tragically lost for two years and then re-discovered two months ago, right where it was supposed to be all along.
  • Musings on how much wiser and cleverer I am now that I have a degree.
  • An even rousinger game of “What Should Hannah’s Career Be!”
  • Other, equally interesting and exciting things.

Hope to see you here again soon!

*author’s note: It might be boring. I don’t know, I’m just the writer. Readers – it’s your job to tell me when I’m being boring, so go ahead and get on that. Or don’t. You know, whatever you want to do.


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